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Polygraph Services

Ohio Professional Polygraph

I graduated from an APA certified program (American Internation School of Polygraph) and have been conducting polygraph examinations since 2010.  Additionally, I am a retired law enforcement officer and have extensive experience working with local, state, and federal entities.

Central Ohio Polygraph Services

Polygraphs, also known as lie detectors, are instruments used to measure physiological responses in individuals during questioning. Ohio Professional Polygraph provides testing services to the greater Columbus, Ohio area.

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Why seek polygraph testing?


Criminal Cases/ Attorney Services / Personal Investigations

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Polygraph examinations can be used in the pre-court phase and in civil litigation to determine truth in a client’s case, verify truthfulness relative to a plea negotiation, to assist in general client control and to verify witness statements.

Individuals may choose to take a polygraph test to clear their name or prove their innocence in a situation where they are falsely accused of a crime or misconduct. They may believe that the test results will support their claims and help restore their reputation.

Accordingly, all polygraph examinations are confidential and include professional reports for your use.


Relationship Fidelity

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In personal relationships, particularly in cases of suspected infidelity or dishonesty, individuals may opt for polygraph tests as a means to address trust issues and verify their partner’s honesty.

You deserve to know the truth. If you are uncertain, contact us for a professional, confidential, and personalized polygraph examination for the person you suspect of being unfaithful. All situations are unique, so we ensure that our polygraph examinations are constructed around your specific requests.   We maintain confidentiality and respect your privacy.  These are just some examples that we can test for:


  • Sexual conduct outside of your marriage/relationship
  • Using prostitutes or escorts
  • Using online dating sites (Backpage, Tindr, etc.)
  • Contacting specific people

Therefore every polygraph examination is structured for the needs of the client.


Pre-Employment Screening

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Some employers, particularly those in certain industries like law enforcement, intelligence agencies, or security, may require prospective employees to undergo polygraph tests as part of the screening process. 

Applicant screening examinations are available for the following entities, agencies or companies:

  • Police Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • Corrections Institutions
  • Local/State Government Agencies
  • Drug Manufacturing/Distributing Companies
  • Armored Car Companies
  • Nuclear/Electrical Power Plants

Finally, all pre-employment screening tests include a professional report detailing the subject’s responses and results.  All polygraph examinations are recorded and available for review.

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Business Hours

Ohio Professional Polygraph operates by appointment only. Please call, email, or complete our contact form and we will schedule an appointment with you.


All associated payments to Ohio Professional Polygraph must be cash or Zelle. A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required before your scheduled appointment.

Ohio Pro Polygraph

24 Front  Street

Pataskaala, Ohio 43062

Business Hours: All days by appointment only.

Phone: 614-406-9954


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